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Kestrel: Privacy Mesh (H.D.V.A) in Melbourne

The privacy mesh, also known as one-way mesh or HDVA (Diminished Vision Aluminum) acts much like a peephole and allows you to look out the door without exposing yourself or your home to anyone standing outside your entrance or on the street. This is achieved by a flat sheet of aluminium that is perforated with thousands of tiny holes. These holes are punched at a slight downward angle facing the external part of the door which allow you to see out without being seen. Until recently, the privacy mesh screen was only available as an add-on product to the 7mm diamond grille barrier door. Over the years the diamond grille has lost its appeal, but because of the clear benefits, customer demand for the privacy mesh has brought it back to life, stronger and better than before. The conflict between the benefits of the privacy mesh and the aesthetical compromise of the outdated diamond grille brought on the development of the new generation privacy mesh, one that holds the properties and strength of an Australian standards security door and the aesthetics of modern times, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance of need and desire with strength and looks. All of our privacy mesh security doors come with a 7 year mesh warranty, a triple-lock system is fitted as standard.

Privacy mesh security door Starting from $895
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  • Triple Lock System $0.00
  • Bug Strip Seal $25.00
  • Push 2 Go Hinged Lock $49.00
  • Doggy Door $200.00
  • Sliding Closer $150.00
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top & Bottom) $190.00
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top, Bottom & Sides) $250.00
  • Extension Jamb $360.00
  • A&L Adaptor $60.00
  • Double Door Charge $40.00



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