Add-on products

Additional products to enhance your door

The products listed in this section can be added to all of our doors where required. From a triple lock for added security to an unobtrusive pet door to let the furry member of the family inside on a winters night.

Push 2 Go - Hinged Door Lock

The all new Elegance Push2Go replaces the need for a key to lock your door with a push button so you can “Push2Go”.The door is then privacy locked (not deadlocked) from the outside and can be unlocked from the inside with the turnsnib.

This feature can be particularly helpful in the case of house fire or emergency by allowing other family members who may still be in the house to unlock the door without a the need for a key.

Triple Lock

Activating 3 locks at once at the top, centre and bottom of the frame while corresponding with 3 opposite security hinges, the triple lock provides a full six-point anchoring pattern between the security door and your frame.

All Security doors are fitted with our fully integrated three-point locking system as standard, all other Barrier doors can also be fitted with the triple lock for added security.

Doggy Door

Doggy door 
All of our Security and Barrier doors can be fitted with a doggy door to allow your pet the freedom of movement without compromising the security of your home, our doggy doors come in a range of sizes to suite the type of dog you own.