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Whether you’re building, renovating or just wanting to replace your existing shower, the frameless shower screen is sure to be the star that gives your bathroom that designer look.

• All frameless shower screens are custom made. Prices are indicative starting points, to be confirmed onsite.

Frameless Shower Screen Starting from $990
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Frameless Shower Screen Features

Frameless Door

A patented Pivot hinge system safely secures an elegant frameless door, a hole in the glass allows a colour matching knob to be fitted discreetly to the door making it appear to be suspended in mid-air.

Easy to clean

Anti-bacterial glazing vinyl prevents the build-up of soap scum & mould in the joins of the glass and the Aluminium, a fine chrome plated finish to the surface. Anti-bacterial glazing vinyl prevents the build-up of mould in the joins of the glass and Aluminium while Smooth contoured profiles minimise soap and residue accumulation and allow for an easy spotless clean.

Glass to Glass

The door and the opposing glass panels aligned to close leaving a 3-5mm gap on either heights of the door to, eliminating any vertical framing and leaving an impression of open space.

Patented Pivot Mechanism

A unique Patented pivot hinge design allows for a 180º swing of the frameless door allowing maximum use of the bathroom space. The hinge mechanism features a low friction design, providing the benefit of whisper-quiet and trouble-free operation.

Water Resistance

The ’lowering’ effect of the hinge design automatically reduces the gap between door and sill on door closure, which further assists with the minimization of external splashing and improved water resistance. The Vogue Shower screen can also be fitted with additional clear PVC water seals to insure your bathroom remains drier and safer.

Safety Features

The Vogue Square Cut Shower Screen System incorporates a captive top pivot pin mechanism, so the door cannot be dislodged from the shower screen head section and is glazed to comply with Australian Standards AS2208 and AS1288. We use only Australian made and certified 6mm toughened safety glass from our trusted partners at G.james and Baron throughout all our products.

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