About Kestrel

Why Choose Kestrel ?

With 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installing Security doors and screens we guarantee you receive every little bit of our professional advice and expertise combined with the best security doors and screens on the market to deliver our promise to help protect your home and family at an affordable price.

What’s a Kestrel?

The Australian Kestrel’s distinctive straight-winged hovering habit makes identification easy. Whether hovering over crops and grasslands, coastal cliffs in windy areas or in city locations, the Australian Kestrel considers the big picture before deciding on the best course of action - clever, precise, agile and supremely adaptable - just like us.

The Kestrel difference.

We’re a family owned and operated company and unlike many backyarders and franchisees out there we’ve been around for 25 years and plan to stay for many more. We also happen to be one of Victoria’s biggest manufacturers of security doors and screens - supplying some of Australia’s leading window and door company's. This means that we are big enough to cope but small enough to care.

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