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If your home belongs to the good old days when craftsmanship, fine detail and articulated features were admired you will be able to appreciate these period style doors. Our extensive range of Colonial Cast Aluminium doors combine old world designs with new age components to gracefully complement any type of period style home whilst providing you with security.

Heritage Aluminium Doors Starting from $990
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  • Triple Lock $120.00
  • Bug Strip $25.00
  • Doggy Door $200.00
  • Hinged Closer $0.00
  • Sliding Closer $150.00
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top & Bottom) $190.00
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top, Bottom & Sides) $250.00
  • Extension Jamb $360.00
  • Double Door Charge $40.00



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Heritage Aluminium Doors Features

Fibreglass Mesh (standard)

The colonial cast aluminum door must always have an added insect screen mesh to keep the bugs out, fiberglass mesh is fitted as standard. Ideal for low traffic areas or internally fitted screens the PVC coated fiberglass mesh comes as standard for all doors and windows.

If kids, pets, or obtaining a bushfire rating are none of your concerns it will definitely do the job of keeping the bugs out in the most economical way.
• 0.25mm diameter
• 18*14 strands per inch
• Flexible and pliable
• UV stabilized for long life
• Economical

Three-Point Locking System

Our hinged doors can be fitted with our fully integrated three-point locking system. This basically means that when you lock once it locks thrice! Engaging the door at the bottom, centre and top of the frame corresponding with 3 opposite security hinges provides a full six-point anchoring pattern between door and frame.

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