Perforated Aluminium Security Door

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Highly Durable Aluminium Security Doors for Your Melbourne Home

The perforated aluminium security door is the latest addition to the range of security doors on the market and is aimed at providing an affordable alternative to the aesthetically challenged Diamond Grille Barrier door. The highly durable and corrosion resistant perforated aluminium sheet provides a high level of protection without inhibiting your views.

Perforated Aluminium Security Door Starting from $650
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  • Triple Lock $0
  • Bug Strip seal $20
  • Push 2 Go Hinged Lock $25
  • Doggy Door $200
  • Sliding Closer $150
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top & Bottom) $160
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top, Bottom & Sides) $220
  • Extension Jamb $290
  • A&L Adaptor $60



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Perforated Aluminium Security Door Features

Perforated Aluminium Security Door
Three-Point Locking System

All our hinged doors are fitted with our fully integrated three-point locking system as standard. Basically, this means that when you lock once it locks thrice! Engaging the door at the bottom, centre and top of the frame and corresponding with 3 opposite security hinges provides a full six-point anchoring pattern between door and frame.

Perforated Aluminium Security Door
Australian Made

Our design embraces the very essence of simple elegance. Sleek, precise lines integrate seamlessly with your home to maximise your view. Australian made from top quality materials, SecureView works smarter to offer you the ultimate peace of mind, without sacrificing your views.

Perforated Aluminium Security Door
Innovative Keyway Fixing System

Our unique two-part wedge system has been designed to create the precise pressure required to activate the 3M VHB adhesive to its full potential. Both wedges are made from UV stabilised PVC to yield superior durability over time. Unlike screw-clamp or riveted systems, SecureView’s innovative technology provides clear spacing between the stainless steel mesh and aluminium frame in order to eliminate the opportunity for electrolysis, which occurs when dissimilar metals come in contact causing accelerated signs of rust and corrosion.

3M VHB Acrylic Adhesives have been used by engineers throughout the world in bold commercial applications including bonding architectural paneling and even aircraft construction.

Perforated Aluminium Security Door
Sleek Aluminium Frame

Kestrel’s extruded aluminium frame system is crafted to deliver a lightweight solution without compromising on strength. Solid aluminium Corner stakes are used to fortify each corner join, providing SecureView with steadfast strength.

The Aluminium frame features gold accredited Dulux™ powder coating that delivers a highly durable finish in a wide and versatile range of colours. An extensive colour range is designed to blend effortlessly into your home. Our highly qualified sales team are experts - ask them for advice on the right colour-finish for your home.

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