Diamond Grill Barrier Door

Another brilliant landmark in the history of Australian ingenuity - the Diamond Grille Barrier door was developed in the early 70’s and has since become an integral part of the classic Australian suburban landscape. Like many statements from the 70’s and with new, more contemporary style security doors we are slowly seeing it slowly fading out of the market. Never the less! this senior is still very much relevant when budget and practicality are your main points of consideration and will get the job done at a surprisingly low price.

• All Diamond grille Doors come with door closer and fibreglass mesh as standard.

  • Perforated Aluminium Security Door with matching door and handle
  • Perforated Aluminium Security Door with black handle
  • Perforated Aluminium sheet metal close-up in door corner

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Diamond Grill Barrier Door


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  • Triple Lock $120
  • Half Panel $150
  • Doggy Door $200
  • Hinged Closer $20
  • Sliding Closer $190
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top & Bottom) $160
  • Sliding Door Tracks (Top, Bottom & Sides) $220
  • Extension Jamb $290
  • Bug Strip $20


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  • Diamond Grill Barrier Door Description

    Protecting your family and making sure your home is safe and secure is more important than ever before, but finding a balance between budget and performance is not always easy. Kestrel offer a range of Diamond Grille barrier doors to suit both hinged and sliding doors, all custom made to suit your home or building. For added peace of mind and extra privacy, our Diamond Grille doors are available with a one-way mesh option. The one-way mesh allows you to see through the door but reduces the visibility into your house from the outside. The Grille Diamond grille is are made from tempered aluminum for extra strength and peace of mind. 

  • Features
    Diamond Grill Barrier Door

    All Door and Window Diamond Grilles are made from  7mm thick tempered aluminum for maximum strength and peace of mind

    Diamond Grill Barrier Door
    One-way mesh (D.V.A)

    D.V.A. (diminished vision aluminum)
    As it sound-this option will limit the visibility into your home while maintaining the view out - allowing you to see but not seen. This achieves this miracle by having thousands of tiny downward facing holes punched into a fine flat sheet of aluminum allowing you to see out without being seen.

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